What is Parallax?

Parallax is the development title for a space opera-style campaign setting. This is a group design setting, with multiple contributors adding material to the whole.

Approval of new material will be determined by a vote of all contributors (majority succeeds). To vote on a page, a contributor will add their two letter voting code, followed by a Y (for yea) or a N (for nay), in brackets (like so: {MU-Y}) at the end of the text.

When multiple options or choices are provided within a document, the contributors will vote for one or more choices by adding their vote (as above), but without the Y or N (like so: OPTION A {MU}). The option receiving the most votes will be carried forward.

If proposing additions or changing to an existing page, please add these below the voting for the original text. In any case, please don’t modify or replace the original text when making change.

marsuniversity {MU}

Current Focus:
Setting Basics