Our heroes follow the trail leaving Garrison Black and make their way closer to the Moat raiding party’s camp. While many smaller trails branch from this one, our heroes do not deviate from their main path. As they camp at night some of them hear noises in the woods and Esben confirms someone was there, but none of them can make sense of the very light foot prints left behind.


Upon reaching Garrison Blue, Dru lies up a storm about being a hapless robbed merchant and discovers Garrison Blue is the one that burned Garrison Black to the ground. The party is warned to be careful who they do business with and told that Garrison Green nearby is still loyal, and they go on their merry way.


Skipping over Garrison Green, the party camps for the night and everyone except Dru (and Esben, who sleeps instead of taking a watch), feels a very tense, foreboding atmosphere.


The next day they arrive at Garrison Red and discover the population slaughtered, Esben checks the bodies and informs the party that most of the inhabitants were taken by surprise. Declan looks over each face searching for Arka but doesn’t find her. With horror, the party realizes all the corpses are missing their hands.


Dru finds a letter on the body of the Captain which contains a light rebuke for the garrison’s reluctance of disposing of Garrison Black. The letter also reveals suspicions that Garrison Black may have ties to the Nomad nightmare, Grisha. The group decides to leave immediately but before they can a masked man and woman run in through the gate and over to a some of the bodies. The party hears an exclamation of how the bodies will be useless without hands before a group of five Order of the Dawn members come through the gates in obvious pursuit. The man begins raising the corpses to do battle with the Order. He yells to the party that he’ll leave them alone if they leave him alone.


While initially our heroes did not want to get involved, Dru realizes the masked woman is fighting like a Nomad and rushes in to help—effectively dragging the whole party into the fight. The Order of the Dawn members are killed and the party is able to witness Necromancy for the first time.


The Necromancer, whose name they learn is Thanos, was able to raise and control a few zombies pretty quickly. He thanks the party for their help. When Dru questions the woman about her fighting style, Thanos tells them she’s a mute but she learned to fight from the Nomads. The party figures out that the woman, Agape, is also a zombie; though she passes for human very well. Thanos explains they were partners when she was alive, and a bit of her soul is still in her.


The party, mostly thoroughly creeped out, bids farewell to Thanos and sets up camp a little way away when Walter decides he wishes to question the Necromancer. Esben volunteers to join him, as Declan doesn’t want to. We left Sina, Declan and Dru in the camp and Walter and Esben speaking to Thanos in his camp, guarded by Agape and four Order corpses. Thanos has revealed that Grisha is responsible for Garrison Red, and that he took the hands because the soldiers “touched something they shouldn’t have”.





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