This session began with Declan's dreams. He was standing near a battle, close enough to see but apart from it, and without the usual fear he feels in such dreams. The God of Blood appeared to him, but since only Dru has seen her he didn't know who she was. He started reaching for his sword but she laughed and asked if he would challenge the God of War to battle. She revealed that she has many aspects, including blood, war and redemption. 


She spoke with Declan for a bit, lamenting that humans were fickle things and discovering Declan hadn't really believed in gods until she started appearing. Declan also discovered she is the source of the Nomads' superior strength and battle prowess. She also confesses that she doesn’t have any active plans to slaughter Declan in particular, but death isn’t really her domain. At the end of the dream she told Declan he should wake up now, because war was coming. Then she snapped her fingers and he awoke, sober and without a hangover despite his drunkenness from the night before. 


When he awoke Soreza was in the party's space waking Dru, Esben and Walter, and he told her his dream. Soreza was surprised that Declan had dreamt of the God of Blood, but didn't seem to disbelieve him. She informed the party that Urik had not come back from watch, and they were waking everyone and sending them off in groups. Each group would leave at a different time and take a different path, but they would all converge later at a landmark about a day away (by a Nomad grave of sorts). The group started packing and they were told they would be notified as to when to leave.


Meanwhile Sina was being awoken inadvertently by Grisha shaking Isya awake across camp. She startled and went for a weapon when she saw Grisha right after waking, but she didn't have any with her. Grisha asked Isya if he was sober and told him Urik was missing. Grisha wanted Isya to take Stas and go scouting. Sina volunteered to join, and Grisha answered that he was only sending Nomads out because they could be quiet, and said he didn't know how quiet she could be. Sina answered that she had gotten much better at being stealthy, and Grisha allowed her to go. He told Isya to use Sina as bait if she drew attention, and he glanced at Sina to make sure she agreed with the plan. She did, and parted ways with Isya to pack what she would need.


Sina filled the party in on her plans when she got back to their area and hastily donned her Scout gear and weapons (leaving them with the impression she had been assigned to the mission).  Dru tries to mark on Sina’s map where the army will meet but Sina stopped him in case she is captured. Sina packed quickly and left with Isya and Stas, surprising them both with her stealth. Grisha also sent out Inok, Tolik and Erva in a group, and Dima, Zannochka and Vika. Grisha went out alone, and when Sina saw this she asked Isya about it as Nomads typically don't travel alone. Isya answered that Grisha uses this tactic sometimes because it's expected that Nomads travel in groups. 


While out scouting, Sina's trio comes across Urik's body. Isya approached cautiously while Stas and Sina stayed hidden in case it was a trap, but nothing happened. Isya let the others know that Urik had been shot with an arrow, but had mostly knife wounds. They didn't see a sign of anyone else and brought the body back to camp. While reporting to Ciar, they learned that none of the other groups had spotted enemies either. 


When Grisha returns most of the camp has cleared out, and he comes bearing a body as well. This one is a female soldier, and as he drops her on the dirt they realize she is still alive. Ciar mentions this fact and Grisha tells him that he was tired of being chastised for bringing them back dead. Grisha mentions asking the soldier questions, and most of the party realizes he's probably going to torture her if need be. 


Soreza pipes up and tells Grisha not to torture her, and Ciar says "Oh, you're against that now?" to which Soreza replies “I always have been” and walks off. Dima follows her after telling Ciar “Drop it, or I’ll drop you”. Grisha remains behind, looking very pissed at Ciar. Viggo comes to check the captive and ask Ciar if he wants her awake yet, but Ciar says not to wake her and to take her somewhere and hold her for a bit. Viggo and Grisha carry the body together, and a bit later Soreza is approaching the group when a cut-off shout and some thudding is heard in the direction the captive was taken. Soreza turns back to investigate and so does the group. Sina, Isya and Stas were still reporting to Ciar, who turned at the noise also to investigate and they follow him.


The captive is awake and on the ground, Grisha wrapped around her with one hand over her mouth and one holding a dagger to her—she had woken up earlier than expected. When Ciar arrives they decide to question her there after Ciar declines Grisha’s offer to “put her back to sleep”. Ciar asks how many are with her and the woman (looking completely unfazed by her predicament) answers “Anders says hello. He wonders when you’ll stop playing war and go back to your real job”. Ciar does not look comfortable at the idea of this “Anders” person and tells Grisha to knock her back out. Grisha slams her head against the ground and she’s out again.

Ciar mentions that she will be the only enemy in the area, also implying she took Urik down herself, when usually it takes 2-4 people together to best a Nomad. He tells the rest of the groups to get ready to go, and says the captive is coming with him.

On the way to the meet-up point, the group gets caught in a thunder/hail storm and since Dru knows the area very well he leads them to a cave that is uninhabited for them to wait out the storm. While Declan is tending the horses, Aggro breaks free and Declan jumps on Swan to chase him down. Declan catches Aggro, but gets lost.

Meanwhile in the cave Sina is embarrassed that Esben and Dru start stripping off their wet clothing and decides to face the other direction until they’re dry/changed. The group chats while they wait for Declan and Esben makes tea.

Declan still can’t find his way back, and starts going into hypothermia. He huddles down in a place that offers a tiny bit of shelter and tries to wait out the storm.

The group leaves Esben in the cave and ventures out into the rain again to rescue Declan. They find him just in time as he passes out as they approach. They put him up on Aggro and bring him back to the cave. Dru brings all the horses inside and to the back of the cave and Sina tells the group someone needs to cuddle naked with Declan to keep his temperature up. Esben volunteers as everyone else is once again soaked and freezing. Esben suggests that Sina draw all of the party members maps of the area based on the ones she carries, so that they don’t get lost as easily when separated.

Declan wakes up confused in Esben’s arms and Dru tries to pretend Declan is after his boyfriend, at which Sina and Esben scold him. The group waits out the storm and while the next day is a bit windy at least it isn’t wet.

The party beds down in the cave and sets watches, although a little changed to let Declan sleep longer. Dru takes Declan’s watch and plans to wake Declan for the last one. His plans do not pan out though, as he only had an hour’s sleep the night before and promptly falls asleep on his watch. In Dru’s dream, he is in the cave with only the God of Blood for company. The rain outside is actually blood in the dream. The God of Blood jokes that Dru should tell Declan his almost dying wasn’t her fault, and he assures her he will (during this, Declan appears briefly in the cave and disappears again). Dru talks about how he should be awake on watch right now, in case anything was out there and the god says she can wake him up, but jokingly mentions it’ll be the only help he gets from her. He stops her then and says he’d like to save the favor for another time if that’s the case. She is surprised, and then laughs and says “very well, call on me sometime when you are in need and I shall help you”. She seems very amused he tricked a favor from her. He then wakes in time to wake Declan for watch without anyone the wiser that he slept through his.

Upon meeting up with Ciar’s army at the designated place, Soreza checks in with Esben about the tea she gave him, and it is helping with his pneumonia (and thus Dru learns it tastes terrible because it is medicine—though it can also be taken to help stay strong against illness). Dru tries to gather more information from Soreza about what’s going on and she mostly tells him that he’ll find out at Ciar’s announcement shortly.

The party waits for more of the sections of the force to arrive, and passes time at a fire with mostly Nomads around it. Sina cuddles against Isya and when she sees Declan she waves him over. Feeling it would be awkward to walk away after that, Declan joins when Tolik makes space for him between himself and Inok. They pass the time while they wait.

Ciar actually has a few announcements to make (and the captive isn’t seen, but no one asks about her). He asks Esben to join him for the announcements, as it was mostly Esben’s news being shared. He tells the gathered forces that the Prince is no longer missing. He has been found and he’s throwing in with the rebellion. He also informs those present that Oran was indeed killed—but because the King put a Contract out on him. Now, however, Oran is alive again thanks to a Necromancer who somehow resurrected him. Ciar asserts that Oran is also siding with the rebellion. There are plans to meet up with these figures and let them decide how to organize the forces. Ciar also informs everyone that the Assassins have joined their cause as well.

While Dru is a little upset that Esben kept all this news to himself, he understands that Esben couldn’t discuss it until he had delivered it to Ciar per his orders. The party prepares to depart from Ciar’s forces, their destination set on the Moat camp where Esben will check in for duty and Rioghan and Lir supposedly wait. Part of Declan's preparations include finding Inok and having an awkward conversation with her before finally giving her the Nomad signal of being interested. She accepts it and they embrace (and kiss) happily before saying their goodbyes.



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