The group spent some time in Summerloch where Walter received a name from the woman who runs The Golden Smith in order to further his interest in watch-making: Bate, in Woodburn. Dru played a bit of a prank in the shop, unnoticed by the group.


The adventurers hit the road again to go back to Moat. On the way, they were followed by a child named Kirusha who approached Dru a day outside of Moat, seemingly drawn in by Dru’s singing. The child appears as if he’s lived on the road for a while, and said something about his mother singing Nomad songs before she had to go away. He appears anywhere from age 9 to 12 and he told Dru that “Moat isn’t there anymore” as it “had an accident”. Kirusha also said that the destruction of Moat was being blamed on the Nomads but it isn’t true.


Kirusha led the party away from Moat, letting them know that survivors are being hunted. He led them to a group of survivors where “scary man” said they could join the camp. “Scary man” turned out to be Lir and Dru was reunited with Rioghan, who gave him a letter from Morighan and informed him of her (and probably Fiachra’s) passing. Rioghan blames the troops from the parent country on the massacre, stating they also collapsed Morighan’s compound on top of them and that they targeted Scouts first who were fleeing. According to Rioghan, one Scout made it out and was rushing to Rowan in Eastborne. There are also hints that people may still be corralled in Moat, alive. Troops from the parent country had been coming through for a couple of weeks before this happened.


Rioghan’s band of survivors wanted to sneak into Riften, so Dru and the party did some scouting with Kirusha. There are some parent country guards there, but Dru’s contact Dionisia at Dead Robber’s Inn agreed to help smuggle the survivors in. Sina asked for a contact at the Thieves Guild and Dionisia passed her a piece of paper with the name Rossi written on it. Sina was told to go find someone named Vanja and give him the note. Once she had done so, Sina was led by Vanja into a network of tunnels under Riften until she was brought to Rossi who, after flirting, agreed to help with the distraction to smuggle Rioghan’s people into the town.


On the way out of Riften, the group was passed by a soldier of the parent country riding a horse quickly with someone else slumped in the saddle. He asked to speak to a Captain immediately as it was urgent from Moat. The party kept going.


The next day dawned windy and with lightning and thunder storms. The group saw smoke rising from Riften and feared the worst. Upon arrival, however, they realized Rossi’s idea of a distraction was to set the barracks on fire. Sina ran to check it out and found Rossi there helping to put out the fires, which were being spread by the wind and blamed on the lightning. Dionisia filled the group in on the “official” story of Moat: Moat was helping the traitorous garrisons as they rebelled against King and country on the front lines.


Rioghan’s band was smuggled into the Dead Robber’s Inn  and down into the tunnels, where Lir collapsed with infection to his wounds from Moat. The group realized he needs a real Healer and fast so Dionisia ran to tell Rossi to “rescue” four horses from the barrack stables and get them to our heroes so they can ride to Skystead with all haste and “borrow” Blythe’s Healer on retainer.



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