Our adventuring party started the session with a mad ride on stolen horses through a bad storm. They safely reached Skystead and Skyhold where they interrupted an argument Blythe was having with some town guards. Blythe dismissed the guards and allowed the group to borrow the Guild’s Healer, Majken (Mie-ken), who rode back with them to Riften and was able to close Lir’s wounds and take the edge off his infections. (Sina forgot to let Blythe know about Ashton, the dead Scout, in all the rush and excitement.)


The next day Lir was spotted up for breakfast and the Healer said she could take herself back home while Dru frantically got the party ready to go back to Eastborne to seek answers from Rowan. This time on their journey, our heroes realized they were seeing soldiers from Country 1 everywhere now.


Once in Eastborne, the party learns that the Assassins Guild there is on lockdown and no one is allowed in or out. It is also being watched at any time either by town guards or Country 1 soldiers. However, inside Rowan’s house they find an Assassin named Faolán. When Declan inquires if he can send a message to Aldus, Faolán informs him that Aldus is out on a mission. When Declan becomes worried, Rowan chimes in to let him know that the mission should be comparatively safe and that the task was actually set by Rowan—it is a retrieval rather than an assassination. It is also strongly implied that there are tunnels connecting Rowan’s house to the Assassins Guild that the town isn’t aware of.


Rowan reads the letter Morighan wrote for Dru and informs him that Dru’s uncle is the one after him, and that his family is originally from Country 3. Rowan warns Dru not to go there as it would be dangerous for him. Rowan also doesn’t have all the answers, or at least doesn’t appear to.


Next the group takes a detour to Podunk so Walter can check in with some people. He learns Frode Albertsen has passed away, and visits Birgit Albertsen and Horace. From Birgit, he learns Horace fancies a woman in the town, Idella.


Next, in the Capitol, Walter visits his parents with Sina where he catches up on his mail and learns that more orders have been placed for the Dane Stone since the foreign soldiers have arrived. He and Sina also learn that some Nomads have started using guerilla tactics such as ignoring the garrisons to gut the towns beyond them or to kill soldiers in their sleep while leaving no trace. Walter also visited the Artisan Guild to pick up books on watch-making.


Meanwhile, Dru learns Esben is out on business by someone in the Assassin Guild and after asking for Vibeke (and proving his identity is Dru) is lead to “Serenity”, the Courtesan Guild where Vibeke works. There, she and Dru have a chat and Dru gets some leads on where Esben might turn up while Declan enjoys the services. At the end of speaking with Vibeke, Dru and the group decide to go to Eastborne again.



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