Usually accompanied by a brown eagle named Bastille (pictured at the end) and often seen riding an elk, Anselme is originally from the town of √Čloig which is nearly in the western part of Katerbreen’s mountains. They are a very rural town and have developed the habit of riding elk rather than horses as they are very active in the mountains themselves. Growing up in this environment, Anselme grew accustomed to riding elks before he ever saw a horse.

Anselme is an agent of Nicolas Desjardins and appears to be absolutely loyal to his master. His familiarity with the family speaks to many years of being in their service.

While originally he passed himself off as a regular traveler to the party and taught Declan some commands in falconry with Bastille, Anselme is revealed as Nicolas’ agent when the party enters the capital and Anselme presents evidence to support Dru’s case.



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