The Story

The peace that Prince Rhys Durant brokered three years ago with the Nomadic people of Doanlec has been shattered. The Prince has since been labelled a traitor and has gone missing. Oran Mac Duibhshíthe, Marshall and head of the King’s Guard, is forced to provide orders for several new garrisons along the border that are only half-built, at best, and now must stand as the country’s first line of defense against invasion or attack. As if the Nomads, with their excessive strength, durability and abnormal healing factor, weren’t bad enough, there are also rumors circulating that they have some sort of alliance with Necromancers who are said to roam through Doanlec at their leisure.

Daulurrak does not have many options for allies itself: to the south, the people of Kolmorol refuse to dirty their hands in a war they don’t believe in. To the north, above Doanlec, the people of Katerbreen have kept to their side of the mountain and are not interested in the conflicts erupting outside of their borders. To the east lies Artedin, a country with an impressive military but who is perhaps still nursing a grudge from Daulurrak’s secession a century ago; an uneasy truce lies there that could become a strong alliance, or a grave mistake.



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