Declan came from a family of farmers close to Summerloch, until he ran away at age 11 to join Ailbhe’s Mercenary Guild. Ailin became like an older brother to him and they took him in despite knowing he had stolen the family horse and run away to join. (Unbeknownst to Declan, word was sent to his family that he was safe.) Once his training was done he went home to visit his family and learned he had been disowned.

The least likely of the group to pull off a lie, Declan got himself imprisoned in Summerloch for admitting to treason over the Moat refugee incident, causing the party and their allies to bust him out. While Delcan has a hard time around Nomads due to some harrowing experiences in the war, he has followed the party to the rebellion camp and has been able to interact with several Nomads to varying degrees despite his frequent nightmares. He even asked Inok to dance with him recently.



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