Druwaine ("Dru") Dumall


Dru grew up following his father around and learning the art of the con from him. He has known Morighan from a very young age, growing up calling her “Auntie” and being considered a legitimate part of the family. He and Rioghan are extremely close, and Fiachra became like an uncle to him.

The beginning of the campaign started with Dru, who had cutthroats and killers sent after him at an alarming rate suddenly. Seeking information at the Assassin’s Guild after killing a man who failed an assassination attempt on him, Dru met Esben who agreed to find information for him (and was not averse to a little flirting). Later throughout Dru’s solo journey he kept in touch with Esben, eventually leading him to be introduced to Ultan and Selby.

Dru eventually made his way back to Moat, where the rest of the party was already. Declan and Walter had escorted Col safely back to Morighan and been cleared to take Fiachra’s next job (guarding Dru), and Rioghan tipped him off that a certain Scout in the area (Sina) might have more information that Morighan was hiding from him….

Dru has now traveled with the party to the country of Katerbreen, where he has found his birth family and testified against his uncle Vespasien Desjardins, who was the man sending cutthroats after Dru.


Druwaine ("Dru") Dumall

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