Isya’s first encounter with Sina was when she was sneaking up to spy on their camp during her stint as an army Scout. His band allowed her to get close enough for Isya to sneak up and place a knife against her throat. She answered his questions mostly truthfully and was able to charm him into being friendly with her. Isya already knew about the Prince‘s plans for a peace treaty, as it was Isya’s band who helped the Prince, and thus he did not want to kill Sina. He told her of the Prince’s injury and after a nice chat cut her loose. Once the treaty was in effect he and another Nomad named Stenan made themselves available to Fort Ruedale to help with peace efforts. Upon the breaking of the treaty they were seized, and Stenan died in the conflict. Isya spent a couple of weeks in prison being interrogated not so gently until Sina came to his rescue. Three days before his “transport” someone poisoned Isya with Feverwort, which Briar knew how to diagnose and handle. If he was not a Nomad, the dose would have killed him. Isya was being comforted by an unnamed soldier at the Fort when Sina arrived, and Sina was able to get him to eat Briar’s mixture. After his escape, Isya confessed his interest to Sina and she returned the gesture. They parted on good terms despite knowing that Isya will continue to fight for his people and thusly will be killing Sina’s people in battle. They have since met back up in Ciar’s rebellion army and rekindled what was between them.



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