Rioghan’s right-hand-man and lover. Dru has described him as “looking like he could eat swords and shit daggers”. He used to be an executioner in the underground fighting pits and was Rioghan’s first recruit after he was starved, beaten and thrown in the ring with no weapon but still managed to beat his opponent. He began to teach Rioghan how to fight as if she were in the pits, for survival, toward the beginning of their partnership but continues to do so even now as they both enjoy the activity. Lir is very stoic around most everyone because he chooses to be that way—enjoying the restraint he is allowed when he was once forced to be wild and savage in the pits. Lir asked Rioghan to purchase Bjarke as her first fighter as a personal favor to him upon their first meeting.

Lir and Esben have a kind of bromance going, and when Rioghan is shot with a poisoned arrow Esben sends Lir to comfort Dru.



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