Nolwenn Émile-Droit



Heir Princess of Katerbreen, Nolwenn is stoic and calm in court but exuberant and outside of it. Always willing to lend a helping hand, she quickly won over the hearts of her citizens. Despite her responsibility she reminds others to enjoy life and appears to be on good terms with Rhys, having received a letter from him through Dru when the party traveled to her country. Rhys calls her “Little Owl” because she raises and loves the birds—a tradition the noble family has indulged in throughout centuries. Despite her naive first impression, she will make a good Queen; especially with her brother Calixte at her side.

Nolwenn is usually seen with one of these three owls below:

Pons, the Bengal Eagle Owl:

Guillaume, the Great Gray Owl:

Noé, the Barn Owl:


Nolwenn Émile-Droit

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