Onésime Voclain

"Oh-nes-imee Voh-clane"


Onésime became interested in Kilian when they met by chance while Onésime was helping a friend. Kilian was calming a cat whose paw had been crushed by a carriage and Onésime mistook him for a soft-hearted servant and offered assistance. The two began talking and have been together pretty much ever since. Thanks to Kilian, Onésime knows the names of all the stray cats permitted about the palace grounds (and thanks to Kilian and Nolwenn they all have names). Onésime proposed to Kilian by tying the ring on a bow around one of the cat’s necks and putting it in Kilian’s arms.

Onésime accompanies Kilian to political affairs but remains rather silent during proceedings. If asked, however, he gives thoughtful and competent replies.

Onésime has a sister named Hyacinthe who married one of Onésime’s friends, Thierry Plamondon. He is a fun uncle to his nieces Haydée and Joceline Voclain.


Onésime Voclain

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