Morighan’s granddaughter and Dru’s “sister-cousin” as they grew up together. She has Lir as her right-hand-man and lover after fighting for that right with Morighan and Fiachra. She has also taken over the underground pit fighting in Moat (though it took 5 years) and made it less horrifying and converted all the fighters to be her loyal men and women. She is deeply in love with Lir, though they maintain a cool façade in public. She looks to Fiachra as the father she never had. Rioghan’s dreams are to take over Morighan’s empire when the matron retires. Rioghan’s mother ran off with a man and was never heard from again (though Morighan does know where she is, Rioghan has never asked). Rioghan’s father died when she was small. (Morighan liked Rioghan’s father better than her mother, who was her daughter.) Rioghan is the one to tell Dru he should speak to the Scout, leading him to meet Sina. She also informs him of Fiachra hiring Declan and Walter to watch him and is also trying to find the letter that Morighan received and responded to through Sina.



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