Walter Dane


One of the player characters, raised in the Capitol as a jeweler and blacksmith and apprenticed in Podunk. He spent a few years travelling with fencing buddy Svend and is semi-famous for his invention of the Dane Stone. He only, of the party, has met the King and Prince in person (and Oran and Sophus as well). He has been in fencing tournaments and has several blacksmiths affiliated under him to produce his inventions. He joined Alibhe’s branch of the Mercenary Guild in Summerloch and enjoyed a long-standing good faith relationship with all soldiers until he sorta accidentally committed treason. Now he offers his assistance to Ciar of the Rebellion.

In a shocking turn of events, Walter abandoned the rebellion when Isadore invited him back into Daulurrak with a promise to vouch for him.


Walter Dane

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