The Countries At A Glance



“A foreign land is a land of wolves.”

The main country where most of the conflict takes place. It is America with a monarchy rather than a patriarchy and with suspicion and paranoia ramped up to a 10.




“There is good fishing in troubled waters.”

The country that used to contain Daulurrak before the secession two hundred years ago, it also has island territory shared with Katerbreen. A more militarized country; it does not have as many guilds and has an uneasy truce with Daulurrak.




“Have breakfast yourself, share lunch with your friend, and give dinner to your enemy.”

A coastal country, Kolmorol is more peaceful and tolerant than its neighbors; its focus is on the arts and it promotes peace and understanding.




“Better aware beforehand than quick afterwards.”

Katerbreen is separated by Nomad lands by a mountain range and is uninterested in conquering them. Katerbreen holds an alliance with Artedin but does not support military endeavors or, in fact, campaign to lead any of its own. It is a sturdy but reclusive country.





The name given to the Nomad territory. When Artedin was trying to expand into this continent and then Daulurrak seceded, this pocket of land was left where Nomads still roam.


The Countries At A Glance

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