Common Careers Outside of Guilds


These are the people who like working with herbs and can make money with basic poultices, antidotes, potions, etc. In the rural areas they are also referred to as Medicine Men or Women. Most people have a basic knowledge in their local plants by necessity, but those who wish to focus in this field and are without magic talent to heal find themselves jobs in places too poor to afford a Healer.


Common Criminal

Individuals who lead a life of crime but are unspecialized or perhaps just against the idea of joining a guild in general: Bands of bandits and random gangs are also found here, if the criminal prefers working in a small group. These are the dregs of the criminal world but occasionally a few individuals will become legend. Legends from here just don’t tend to stay alive very long.



Born with power to wield the dead, Necromancers have the unfortunate law hanging over their heads that they are killed on sight. So they try to keep out of sight. They travel the Nomad lands, though only speculation exists as to how they manage that. Their symbol is the eclipse, and is therefore said to be the symbol of their wishes—to plunge the world into darkness to appease their dark God of Death.


Order of the Dawn

The Order specializes in hunting Necromancers and therefore accepts pretty much anyone who will join. The God of Life is symbolized by the sun, so the Order chose the dawn as their symbol. They’re too busy killing Necromancers, and lately Nomads, to worry about being clever with names and symbols—or having a sense of humor.



Cartographers, Researchers, Anthropologists, Historians, Writers, Eternal students…they all fit here. There is no official guild, but the jobs are out there for those enterprising individuals who can find them.



Many citizens choose to join the army to make a living. From here they’ll be sorted by skills and training, and could end up anywhere from a far-flung garrison at the country’s border to the King’s Guard in the Capitol itself. The army accepts men and women both, and sometimes its better recruits go on to become intelligence officers or enter into some other secretive service. Criminals of certain crimes are also offered the option of joining the army rather than wearing a noose, though they are watched closely and tend to be put in special units.

Common Careers Outside of Guilds

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