Taverns, Inns and Courtesan Branches

Brown Bread Inn

Location: The Capitol

The inn Dru was staying at when Esben first delivered information to him. Dru, Sina and Esben stay here later, after Esben is done fighting in Moat.


Old Grog Resthouse

Location: Newbrook

The inn where Esben introduced Dru to Ultan and Selby.


The Bodyguard's Cup

Location: Moat (just off the docks, out of Morighan’s territory)

The place where Dru, Walter and Declan had their first coffee and official meeting with Sina.


The Cup and Club

Location: Arbordale

The inn where Ultan was introduced to Sina, Declan and Walter over dinner and where the group slept on their way to meet Blythe.


Duchess and Hawk

Location: Skystead

The inn where the group decides to stay on their first night in Skystead before meeting Blythe.


The Queen and Imp

Location: Skystead

An inn mentioned by Sina as a good place to stay, but less bang for your buck than the Duchess and Hawk. The party therefore decides to stay at the other inn.


The Laughing Raven

Location: Moat, the Pits

An inn run by Bjarke, technically owned by Rioghan and Lir. Usually has at least one town guard in it.


The Worn Chant

Location: Porthcaul

The tavern/inn the adventurers stay at in Porthcaul. It was recommended by a guard and is out of the “good” district. It’s a little place stuffed with books on every wall and used mostly by scholars of some kind. It has mismatched stuffed chairs and you can get a variety of quills and paper at the bar for free. Even the staff reads when they aren’t being asked for something. There is a big fireplace to hang coats up by, and both Sina and Dru found interesting books here. You can leave a book and take a book on your travels.


The Hall of Enchantments

Location: Eastborne

Run by Gideon, this is the Courtesan guild branch that took Declan’s virginity. The Courtesan Zavanna was the one he saw here.


The Boring Harlot

Location: Eastborne

The Boring Harlot sits across from The Hall of Enchantments and has a story behind it. A man was once disenchanted by a courtesan and so he set up shop right across from her guild and named the sign for her. She moved guilds shortly after.


The Crusader’s Alehouse

Location: Summerloch

The inn the party stays at in Summerloch.


Dead Robber’s Inn

Location: Riften

Run by Dionisia, this tavern/inn is connected by underground tunnels to a few other places in town and Rossi’s hideout.


Spider’s Web

Location: Podunk

A quaint little bar run by a little old lady who looks like a Baba Yaga. Her name is Sofie.


Quail’s Wing

Location: Capitol

The restaurant where Esben and Dru first met for the “security consultation”.


The Weary Traveler

Location: The Capitol

The inn the group stays at in the Capitol.  



Location: The Capitol

The Courtesan guild branch where Vibeke works.


The Flask

Location: Summerloch

The seediest tavern in Summerloch.  


Taverns, Inns and Courtesan Branches

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